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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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happy wednesday to you. let's get right over to jacqui jeras with a look at the forecast, something folks will be happy to wake up to. >> you in the 80s and humidity up today. feeling a little uncomfortable if you're out in that direct sunshine this afternoon. this morning, feeling good. our temperature at reagan international airport 69 degrees. the dew point, that's the measure of the moisture in the atmosphere, we have a bit of it. 55 in gaters berg. lexington park, good morning, it is 95 degrees. express forecast, fair skies, mild conditions. t at noon and 85 at 5:00 with a high around 82. it is october, and eileen will be with us in a few minutes to tell you what you can expect for the month. let's go to wtop for the
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traffic. that a mouthful. >> especially this early in the morning, jacqui. we have a shutdown along beach drive, between specifically broad branch and wise road, so expect detour around that. that is right near where the public restrooms are in that big picnic area. you can try using oregon avenue northwest and military as an alternate. we're clear on the outer loop there near georgetown pike, that construction has all been picked up so all lanes open at this time route 28 coming in to 66. closed in both directions there. but he have is open in centerville and fare fax. i'll sent it over to jummy and scott. >> thank you. there is a massive police
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presence after one person was killed in an overnight shooting. our john gonzales is on the scene. what are you seeing there now, john? >> good morning. at this hour, prince george's county confirming a police-involved shooting. there is a massive crime seen in the calverton section of prince georges county. state police assisting prince georges police with this. forensic trucks, evidence vans, lining the street. this is the 3800 block of twin lakes drive. a large apartment complex. it appears police and detectives are focusing their efforts on the tree line just beyond a dog park. you see the fenced-in area, it appears that's where police are spending a lot of their time. here to talk to us more, twig --
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prince georges spokesperson. >> a caller report as woman is screaming, get off me. our spers arrive within one minute. they fiend a woman who appears to be injured and see a man running from the scene. there is a short foot chase, a confrontation between our officer and this suspect. our officer discharged his weapon. the male suspect shot on killed. our officer, who is a seven-year veteran is not injured. we have this large crime scene. our forensic investigators are pouring over this scene. it is just three hours into the investigation and we're working to sort all the details out. >> the victim, near a dumpster, needed medical attention? >> they're working with us to help this woman.
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>> and, do we know at this point, why the officer fired his weapon? was there an exchange of gunfire, anything like that. >> we're sorts through the details and we will keep you posted. we will report first to twitter and keep you posted. >> thank you, julie. you heard it from julie parker, an active crime scene this morning as police investigate this police-involved shooting. back to you. >> thank you, john. we will check back throughout the morning. in the meantime, the federal government remained closed and congress failed to reach a deal to avoid a shutdown. >> americans across the country are feeling the effects, and there are no new talked scheduled to get federal employees back to work. we've live with the very latest on this shut down. good morning, brianme. >> good morning, day two and no deal. that is causing frustration inside and outside the beltway, people showing up to work to be
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sent home. we know congress tried to pass funding to fund national parks, and parts of the d.c. government, but the senate said it is a nonstarter, if it does not fund the entire government, not just piecemeal it. we will hear from federal workers about this shutdown, something many people across the country are already feeling. >> they just told us, until further notice, you're furloughed. when we call you, come on back in. >> now, president barack obama already slightly feeling an impact, as well. the president canceling a trip overseas scheduled for next week. meanwhile, we know he is expected to head to rockville later this week to talk at a local business about the impact of the shutdown. reporting live on capitol hill,
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brianhe carter, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:06 on this wed
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>> welcome back. 5:09 wednesday morning. you wouldn't think we're in early october with the temperatures out there. >> last week, i was using my
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fallish, newly-coined term, and today it is like summerrish. look who is outside. you have a sweater on. is it chilly? >> it is not that bad, but i have a sleeveless dress. because it is so warm today, why not enjoin some of these dresses while i've got them. i brought the sweater out. it is very, very comfortable. it is hard to believe it is october. this time last week and the week before, temperatures were in the 40s and 50s. it is really not that bad. later this weak, highs will climb into the upper 80s. it is october, and i want to show you a few october stats, some fun facts for the day. our average high this time of year, 74 degrees, so 10 degrees warmer than our average. by the end of the month, we will drop our average high and low by
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10 degrees. also, today is the 2nd. on the 5th, that is our earlier snowfall on record. and remember, i'm sure you do, just two years ago in october of 2011 we had that snow. i remember seeing the pumpkins all covered in snow. but, right now, we've got no snow in the forecast, we have rather summer like temperatures. we all know this time of year, we continue to lose daylight. some fun facts to share with your friends later on today. other than that, things looking very nice out there. are they looking just as nice on the roadways? for that, we turn it over to amanda meadows. good morning, amanda. >> good morning. if you're sticking to the major interstates, you're good to go this morning. we have some closures, specifically alone beach drive. the stretch around the peck nick your and the public restrooms and that is all due to the government shutdown this sour traffic tracker live, you can see it moving along on beach drive. you will get the closures between wise road and broad
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branch, so be prepared for the detours and delays. you have an alternate, if you do want to get around stretch of beach drive, that is going to be oregon avenue northwest and military. that will get you around that stretch of roadway, the alternate. and, a crash will be slowing things down at route 10. we're getting -- route 108. we're getting word that a car struck a deer, so hopefully, that will get cleared out quickly. construction not too bad on 295. we have a live shot on 395 heading to the 14th street bridge. light traffic conditions at this time. back to you. >> amanda, thank you. 5:12 is your time. it is 62 degrees. >> a horrifying school bus crash, all caught on camera. >> a horrifying school bus crash, alall the chickenera. in your grocery store
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hhormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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>> this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> checking our top stories at 5:15 this morning. the budget battle that led to a partial government shutdown is showing no signs of easing up. lawmakers from both parties suggest the shutdown could last for weeks. it was sparked by a fight over gop efforts to kill or delay the new health care law.
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republicans are proposing bills to reopen portions of the government, but democrats are rejecting the idea. >> two georgetown you have coaches are accused of unprofessional conduct and using inappropriate language. the women's head basketball coach and assistant coach are on leave. there were accusations made against head coach keith brown. tim valentine is the assistant coach. >> right now, police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. officers were called out at 2:00 this morning, and a man was shot and killed by police. scott? >> officials from tacoma, washington, public schools are investigating a violent school bus crash that was all caught on camera. take a look here. that school bus driver crashes into a pick up truck and another school bus. a camera on the bus captured the impact. washington state troopers
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ticketed the driver for negligent driver. now the school board wants to know if she was wearing her seat belt properly. thankfully, no children were on either bus when that accident took place. >> 5:17 is your time. it is time to talk a little bit, it is fall, feels like summer, but a little pesky insect is still around. >> oh, the stink bug? i saw a lot of them this weekend. they were everywhere. >> they are coating everything. we had to bring out the stink bug express yesterday. we coined this term last year because, you know, if you squish them, they're supposed to stink, so my son will take his little airplane and shew them from inside the thousand outside of the house. we got great comments from the our viewers. ann says, yes, they're everywhere in calvert county. and she things she might have brought some back with her from
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virginia. they were out by the thousands 10 days ago and they keep coming. it has to be the warm air, the warm temperatures keeping the stink bugs around. by the way, you do know what they smell like? i never attempted to -- >> no clue. >> i run from them. >> i don't know why. they're not harmful, right? if you know why they stink, send me a tweet or something on facebook, would you? it is a mild start this morning. 50s in the burbs. 59 in gaithersburg. 51 in culpepper. we will warm things up again today. sunshine with a few clouds this afternoon. some moisture in the atmosphere, that is going to translate to clouds later in the day, winds coming in west southwesterly and that is going to slope down the mountains and help our temperatures rise a few degrees warmer than yesterday. looking for highs between 84 and 88 degrees. we're in the 87 in the district.
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conditions will continue tonight, 55 to 56 degrees. we will probably drop a couple degrees, but not many. this is the warm et cetera start -- warmest start to october since 2007. no rain, dry as a bone until sunday with a 30% chance of showers continuing into next week. we start to cool down, as well. amanda meadows, you do he hate the stink bugs as much as i am. >> i'm not a fan, so i pick them up and shew them outside, as well, so i'm on your son's team. we have heavy traffic about no big problems on the major interstates. moderately heavy conditions on the secondaries. we have beach drive closed down, due to the government shutdown in that area where the picnic tables are as well as the public restrooms. that is the area we usually do
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shut down on the weekends if they're having an' vent. if you use that stretch of roadways, you should be familiar with the details. if you get stuck through that stretch, use oregon avenue northwest as an alternate. route 28 at he have, still working the construction -- at 66, still working the construction zone. reports of a vehicle action, we're getting reports from the wtop traffic center a vehicle struck a deer there at route 108. back to you. >> all right, amanda. the debut of grand theft auto 5 online did not go as planned. >> a lot of unhappy people about that. and, apple's new hire is fueling speculation the tech giant is working on something brand new. abc's diana perez has details. >> in today's tech bites, it was a frustrating day for fans of grand theft auto 5. it launched yesterday and had several problems.
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they assured fans they were working on solving the problem. apple hired a long-time cable executive as an engineer director, leading to speculation they're developing a cable tv box. and, airlines are buying 11,000 surface tablets to replace the heavy flight books. you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? a new website determined your dog's canine intelligence. for a fee, you will receive a full report on what your pooch is thinking. have a wonderful day, everyone.
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>> checking headlines around the nation now. an emotional tribute to five killed in a colorado rock slide.
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the only survivor was the johnson's 13-year-old daughter. she says her father protected her if the falling rocks. a public memorial service is set for saturday. >> right now, still a lot of flight cancellations and delays at jacksonville, florida, airport because of suspicious packages. police found one of the packages in the terminal and another in a nearby parking garage. a spokesperson with the sheriff's office called one of them destructive. passengers say the evacuation was scary. >> the workers started ducking behind where the luggage would go and people started running from the airport. >> authoritiesly opened the airport when the suspicious devices were deemed safe. they have not yet said what the devices are. a man is in custody in
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sparta, new jersey, after sending a text message he probably wished he hadn't. >> this man mistakenly sent a text message about a drug deal to a 10-year-old deal. it turns out, that 10 year old's father is a police officer. they agreed to meet and he was as rested on numerous charged. he had more than four ounces of marijuana. 5:26 is your time. 62 degrees. >> we're following breaking news now the out of prince georges county. a massive police presence near a dog park after an officer shoots and kills a man. we have new
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>> live from the abc7 broadcast center, this is good morning,
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washington, on your side. >> breaking news this morning. bun man is dead after a police-involved shooting near an apartment building, and a dog park in prince georges county. john gonzalez is on the scene and we will have reaction from residents. good morning, i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. let's get over to jacqui with a check of the forecast. it is feeling pretty summery out there. >> it is above average by more than 10 degrees. this morning, 65 degrees at reagan national airport. that is crazy warm. in the outlying areas, temperatures are a little bit cooler. 55 in faithersburg so probably worth a light jacket for a few hours this morning but you can ditch it as temperatures warm up this afternoon. partly cloudy by noon with 82. 85 degrees by 5:00 this evening.
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oh, the top down on the convertible, my friends. 87 will be the high later on today. we will have more details on how long this stretch of dry weather will last in your seven-day forecast. right now, we need the latest on the roads. still dark and early out there, amanda. >> it is early out there. we have a couple of incidents working and those will affect mostly minor roadways. one major interstate reported there is going to be debris on the roadway. not a crash but it could cause hazards for you if you travel the inner loop in montgomery county, that is in new hampshire. stay to the left if you do head through that stretch in maryland. not looking too bad on the major interstates. otherwise, beach drive closed down. that is going to be due to the government shutdown near that picnic area and the public restrooms there. that is wise road to broad
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branch road. they have an alternate route so you will be directed around there. use caution in tra stretch of beach. the left lane is closed near 66. if you want more information, go to 103.5 fm once you get in your car. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. we continue now to follow that breaking news out of prince georges county where there is a massive police presence where one man is shot and killed by police. our john gonzalez is live on the scene. it has been a developing story all morning long. what do we know at this point, john? >> good morning, scott. we will tell you residents this this calverton neighborhood were awakened by gunshots coming from the weapon of a prince georges county police officer. rate now, a pretty large crime
5:32 am
scene in this calverton neighborhood. we've had to move away from the crime scene temporarily because right now, police and detectives are using lasers in the darkness to scan the entire area and focus in on one particular your alongs tree line in front of a large apartment complex just outside of what is a pretty large dog park. now, we talked to prince georges county police spokesman, julie carter. she told us around 2:00 they received a call from another woman who said she heard another female yelling, get off me. when police arrived, they found a man, essentially the suspect, attacking this woman. he started running from police. at some point there was a confrontation between the suspect and police and the prince georges county officer, a six-year veteran, fired his weapon, shooting the man and killing him here at the scene. right now, a very large investigation with emergency management trucks, forensic
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evidence vans are here as they try to figure out exactly what happened. we spoke with a woman who lives here inside this apartment complex. she heard all the commotion when she was inside her unit. >> i'm over here in this window with the light and i heard officers -- well, first i heard foot pattern and there was commotion. and i heard stay down. and i heard the first gunshot. and the voice intensified and he said, stay down. and then i heard the second gunshot. >> now, it is still unclear at this hour if there was an exchange of gunfire or if the suspect was even armed. but, police telling us at this hour, the prince georges county officer who fired his weapon has not been injured. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. we will check in with you later. 5:34 is your time. we're following a developing story about a d.c. police
5:34 am
officer under investigation this morning for a threat allegedly posted on facebook. now, sources tell us the d.c. police department received a tip about the officer threatening a sniper-style attack during the government shutdown. police say the officer currently has no contact with the public, he is incapable of carrying out an attack and may have simply made an off-color comment. >>ite ever right now, two coaches at governtown university are on administrative leave, accused of using inappropriate language. complaints were made against coach keith brown. they would not elaborate why they placed assistant coach tim valentine on leave. some we talked to say this is all a big misunderstanding. >> you hate to hear it is happening on our campus, especially a place where women are welcome.
5:35 am
>> i played sports all through high school, and toughen couragement works but not whether it is demeaning or offensive in any way. >> sources say the concerns regarding the coaching began two weeks ago. they started an investigation as soon as they learned about them. >> 5:36 is your time, and the federal government remains closed this morning after congress failed to reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown. as americans across the country are feeling the effects, there are for new talks to get federal employees back to work. we have the latest on the shutdown from capitol hill. good morning, brianne. >> good morning. growing frustration for many people across the country, specifically in the washington, d.c. area. analysts are saying they believe the shutdown will not last days but weeks. we expect to hear from some senators as well as some furloughed federal employees talking about the growing impact if this continues to last for
5:36 am
weeks. now, we do know last night republicans in the house tried to pass a measure to fund parts of the government, including parks, veteran's benefits and parts of the d.c. government, but that measure did not pass. democrats are saying they don't want to see any piecemeal legislation. if it doesn't fund the entire government, it is a nonstarter. the debate will continue on capitol hill. president obama is feeling the impact, as well. a trip he had plans next week for overseas has been canceled. he is expected to travel tomorrow to rockville, larman, to speak about the impact of the shutdown. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> thank you, brianne. 52 degrees. 5:37 on this wednesday morning. 52 degrees. 5:37 on tall the chickenorning. in your grocery store
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well, at perdue, we say you are wh you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hhormones...orteroids. because at perdue, weelie in a better chicken. >> at d.c. central kitchen, we're combating hunger and creating opportunity every day in your community. we would love for you to join us. >> good morning, washington! [laughter] >> extended shout there.
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that will wake you up. 5:41 on this wednesday morning. also easy to wake up to the nice temperatures outside. >> absolutely. it would be a great day to step outside and go volunteer with an organization like the d.c. central kitchen. eileen is out with a check on the forecast. >> it is hard to believe it is the middle of october and i'm standing out here in a cardigan. it is so comfortable, it almost feels like some of our summer mornings. the temperature outside the belfort furniture weather center, 62 degrees. show you the weather bug temperatures across the region at this hour. 55 at montgomery county airport and gaithersburg, 57 and good morning to you. and herndon, 66 degrees. so, it is a mild start to the day. you may want a light sweater, cardigan, one of the sorts for this morning. but, by this afternoon, it is
5:41 am
going to be almost summer like. middle to upper 80s expected and we're going to stay in this warmer than average weather pattern the rest of the workweek, staying dry. it is not until early next week it starts to feel lit more like october. go figure. even though i love the fall weather, i'm not complaining. how are things on the roadways? hopefully, things are not complaining on the roadways. >> we have interstates clear, a minor incident on the inner loop. slowing conditions on the major roadways. this is along south capitol street and you can see pretty light traffic there as you head in on south capitol in towards the douglas bridge. we also have activity, we picked this up along the memorial bring and that is going to be along the memorial bridge inbound.
5:42 am
we have reports of debris to the right there, so stay to the left. beach drive is closed down, this is due to the government shutdown from wise road to broad branch road. if you use that stretch of roadway, that is the same stretch they closed down on the weekends whenever they have an event, so you will get detoured around that. not bad at 270, starting to build volume at frederick. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. 62 degrees. 5:42 on this wednesday. >> r
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>> day two of the government shutdown now, and one family
5:46 am
that is moving to our area is essentially stuck. teresa and her family have everything in their nebraska home packed away, ready to come to d.c. where her husband got a new government job. now with the shutdown, they can't move. he is no longer getting a paycheck and they still have bills and a mortgage to pay. >> this is going to be a big financial hardship. we're going to have to dip into savings, we're going to have to tighten our belts extremely, not knowing what is going to come up. >> her son is a wonned veteran and now funding for his education, just like the move to d.c., is up in the air. >> score! d.c. united! >> it has been a terrible season for the d.c. united. the storied franchise has the worst record in major like
5:47 am
soccer, but then united went out and tried to rescue the year, they won the lamar open cup over real salt lake. a quarter million dollar prize. a berth in the champion's league and a very nice trophy. yes, d.c. sports. something to be proud of. hey, look, in baseball, the pittsburgh pirates claimed their first post-season you can have tree since 1992. beating my original love of the cincinnati reds. they will move on to face st. louis. tampa and cleveland battle in the american league tonight. >> in hockey, a new signing had a hat trick to start-career. that would be enough to knock off the defending champs. >> hello, everybody. hockey got under way last night in chicago with the blackhawks playing hold to the capitols. a lot of pregame pomp and
5:48 am
circumstances, but they skated out and unfurled the new championship banners. down 1-0, moving the truck. backstrom. top shelf. 56 seconds into the 3rd. caps on the power play again. tickles the 2009. this game tied at 3-3. on the power play again, patience passing. the lay-up. 4-3 caps. the blackhawks score. then, they empty the call and the blackhawks go on to win. the final in chicago, 6-4, blackhawks over the capitols. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> you, too, tim.
5:49 am
a welcome home to a man who just completed a 10,000-mile bike ride. landis crossed all of the 50 states in the united states. he was hit by a car on his bike and had to be driven the final 187 miles. he was raising money for chirp with who need cochlear implants. >> we told but jacqui jeras who under went a double mastectomy, as she has a high risk of getting it. >> here she is. jacqui is going home. >> one day after her double mastectomy, jacqui jeras leaves the hospital with her husband, mike. >> i want women to know, this isn't for everybody but it is an option that is is available.
5:50 am
>> an option covered by her insurance. >> how are new. >> a week later, jacqui meets with her surgeon, anxious. did they find anything bad during the mastectomy? >> it was good. it did show a few little things, but all benign. >> no cancer but a small tumor was removed. if left alone, it had a 15% chance of becoming cancerous. >> that makes me feel better about doing what i did and confirmed the risk was definitely there. >> five days later. >> there is no seens of infection. we will put fluid on the left side. >> this plastic surgeon is reconstructing jacqui's breasts, each week injecting saline into temporary expanders under her skin, to later be replaced by silicone implants. >> and then she won't need any more operations. >> she will be able to resume a
5:51 am
more active lifestyle without of fear of breast cancer. >> wow, what a journey. >> i know. i wasn't very good three days after surgery, after looking at that video. it is amazing. amazing the progress you make week-to-week. every week you go back and check in your doctors, you're feeling better, range of motion is better, pain is a little bit less. it also makes you really think about people who are actually going through breast cancer, that they go through all of this and then they have to do chemo and radiation. i can't imagine what that would be like. there are other options available, not just the double mastectomy. you can get a breast mri with a high risk, a family history. you can get genetic counseling without even testing so there is a lot of information out there.
5:52 am
plus, my insurance covered everything. >> which is fantastic. >> yeah. it is something to think about and look into. of course go to our website, there is all kinds of information on there. go to licks, as -- links, as we, if you have any questions. let's get to the weather. beautiful conditions expected again. we're in the midst of a big warm up. dew points at 59 so a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. 55 in gaithersburg. winchester, as well. maybe a light sweater to start your day for a couple of hours, then you can put it away this afternoon. our average high 74 degrees. average low is 56, so we're topping both of those by 10 to 15 degrees. this is unusually warm but not anywhere near the record. we hit 94 on this date in the past. precipitation is at nothing. rainfall departure for the month
5:53 am
only .11 down, but, when you go back to september 1, we're more than 2.5-inches on the dry side. needing the rain again today, high-pressure dominated the eastern coast. this is blocking out any weather the patterns. we have a strong cold front that we will approach by late in the weekend. in addition to that, we're likely going to get the tropical moisture hooking up with that cold front. models are showing there may be some tropical development. if so, it will be named tropical storm karen. there are some dry air and wind sheer in the gulf of mexico so we don't expect it to develop into a strong storm. today, we're looking for partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, sunny and warm, 83 to 87 and sticking in the mid 80s for the rest of the week. rain showers possible next week as temperatures dip down closer
5:54 am
to what we would expect normally for october. it is time for traffic right now. let's go to wtop for the latest with amanda meadows. >> thank you, jacqui. if you use the memorial bridge, you may want to avoid it. we've gotten word of a medical emergency inbound, that is to the right side. stay to the left if you absolutely have to head through there. beach drive is closed down due to the government shutdown near the picnic area. you will run into details from wise road to broad branch road is where you've got that closure. inner loop in new hampshire, working some debris. that is to the right side. word of a trash can there. the wilson bridge is moving along in both directions. and the traffic tracker, 295 is getting thick at the said street bridge. back to you. >> all right, amanda. 56 degrees. 5:55 this morning. >> a warning for anyone trying
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> one retailer targeting teens has been embroiled in various discrimination lawsuits is now launching an anti-bullying initiative. >> plus, the federal trade commission has a warning for you if you're shopping for health care right now. >> the affordable care act is in full effect and the ftc is warning people about scams. if you get calls from anyone claiming to be a government
5:58 am
official asking you for your personal information, never, never share your bank account, credit card account or social security information with anyone claiming they are with the insurance marketplace. and, abercrombie & fitch is launching an anti-bullying initiative. in a statement, the ceo says anti-bullying is an integral component of its platform. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc7 news. >> thank you, linda. we have another hour of news now. >> good morning, this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> straight up at 6:00, a shooting near an apartment complex and dog park in prince george's county leaves one man dead. we're live on the scene with more of this officer-involved shooting. >> plus, it is now day two of
5:59 am
the government shutdown and there appears to be no end in sight. >> and, it is officially fall but it feels more like a summer morning, so good news for you. good morning, washington. i'm jummy olabanji. >> and i'm scott thuman. we will talk about that weather with jacqui jeras. it is a beautiful start to the day. >> this is incredibly warm. we're 10 to 15 degrees above the average, so it unusual but it is not hot, and it is not a record. that's for sure. calm winds, feels pretty good. 50s in the burbs. 55 in manassas. fred bic berg is 56. 82 by noon and 85 by 5:00. how long can this warm and dry streak last? we will let you know if n a few


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